Determining the Value of Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Case

During my initial meeting with accident victims, many of them ask me how much monetary compensation they will recover for their Massachusetts personal injury claim.  I tell them the same thing every time:  I have no idea.  That is because until you conclude your medical treatment following your Massachusetts car accident, slip and fall accident, or any other kind of accident that caused your injuries, it is impossible to gauge the value of your case. 

However, there are a number of factors which are relevant in determining the value of your Massachusetts personal injury claim.  Some of them are the following:

1.  The amount of your medical bills;

2.  The extent of your medical treatment;

3.  The nature of your injuries;

4.  Amount of lost wages, if any;

5.  Any periods of disability;

6.  Whether your injuries are permanent;

7.  Possible contributory negligence on your part.

These are some but not all of the factors that go into calculating the possible value of your Massachusetts personal injury case.  I invite you to contact me with any Massachusetts personal injury questions you may have.