Deposition Information for Injury Victims in Massachusetts

Ideally, your attorney will have prepared you for the deposition beforehand.

Here are some things you can expect:

-   Your attorney will be with you;

-   There will be a stenographer present who will ask for your license to confirm that you are who you say you are;

-   The stenographer will swear you in under oath;

-   The defense attorney will go over some ground rules;

-   The defense attorney will ask you about where you were born, your education, marriage status, etc.;

-   The defense attorney will ask you about the accident and how it happened, and will then ask you about your injuries and medical treatment;

-   During the entire deposition process, your attorney will have the right to object to the "form" of questions posed by the defense attorney;

-   Your attorney will then have the opportunity to ask you some follow-up questions;

-   At that point, your deposition will conclude.

Please note this is only a primer as to what you can expect at a deposition, and no two depositions are alike.  Good luck and most importantly, relax, and you will do just fine at your deposition.