‘Day in the Life’ Videos for Catastrophic Massachusetts Injury Cases

Today, with the help of an experienced videographer, I shot my first ‘Day in the Life’ video.  Well, I should say that the videographer shot the footage, and I was merely a bystander to the shoot. 

These videos are really only appropriate in catastrophic injury cases where death or serious disfigurement has occurred.  If done well, these videos effectively showcase the injury victim and how he/she manages life’s daily requirements.  The videographer will shoot the injury victim and effectively portray how he/she struggles to do the most mundane activities such as cleaning one’s face or mopping a floor.

A well-made ‘Day in the Life’ brings to life and conveys to the viewer the struggle the injury victim faces each day.  These videos can be used at mediation or trial in order to communicate the nature and extent of the victim’s limitations, and how he/she deals with the injury on a daily basis.