Crane Topples Over In Seattle Killing Four

A crane fell from a building in Seattle yesterday, killing four. The crane fell from a building on Google’s new Seattle campus at the intersection of Mercer and Fairview Avenue, a very busy intersection.

Two of the dead are ironworkers that were in the crane at the time, and the two others were inside a parked car.  Apparently the crane was being dismantled and extremely high winds are believed to have played a role in the accident.  The accident is currently under investigation.

The estate for the deceased ironworkers will have various legal claims.  They may file a claim for workers compensation benefits, as well as negligence, or wrongful death, against any third-parties that may have played a role in this construction accident.

The estate for the two decedents that were in the car may bring claims for wrongful death, and product liability, against any parties that played a role in the accident.