The Cost of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer 

It is true that many types of legal services can be quite expensive. Many lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour. Following an accident in which someone has been injures due to negligence, they may be concerned about the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, these types of cases do not require any upfront money or hourly fees.

These cases are handled almost always on contingency fee. That means you only pay the lawyer if you receive money, and that is called a contingency fee. For example, if you hire a car accident law firm to represent you for a crash, and the case settles for $10,000, the attorney will collect his fee from this amount. The typical contingency fee percentage is 33%. Therefore, in our example, the fee owed to the lawyer would be $3,333.33. If the injury lawyer is unable to settle the case, the attorney would be owed nothing.

This same contingency fee system works for all personal injury cases in Massachusetts including slips and falls, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, and other accident cases caused by negligence.

This system helps ensure everyone can hire a lawyer and get access to the judicial system for a personal injury case without having to worry about paying hourly or up-front legal fees.