Cost of Hiring A Boston Personal Injury Lawyer 

Many people assume all lawyers are expensive to hire. While sometimes that is the case, that does not apply to all legal services. Specifically, personal injury lawyers don’t require any upfront fees. In fact, they don’t get paid unless they are able to achieve for you a settlement or verdict at trial.

For example, car accident attorneys in Massachusetts generally charge a 33.3% fee. That means if for example, the case settles for $10,000, the legal fee would be $3333.33. Sometimes lawyers that handle car accident claims charge a higher fee if the case needs to be filed in court.

For slip and fall cases, many attorneys charge up to 40% because premises liability cases can be particularly challenging to win, and oftentimes require extensive effort and litigation.

Plus, personal injury lawyers in Boston also advance all case expenses. These expenses can include the cost of getting medical records, the cost of filing a lawsuit, etc.

Legal fees for lawyers that handle workers comp cases in Massachusetts are set by law. With lump sum settlements, the fee is either 15% or 20%, depending on the terms of the settlement.

Bottom line: No money is necessary when hiring an attorney for an injury case. The system allows all people, regardless of their financial ability, to hire a personal injury lawyer. This allows everyone access to justice and fair monetary compensation for their injuries.