Contingent Fee Agreements And Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury attorneys who handle auto accident cases, slip and falls and dog bite cases almost always take these cases on a contingency fee basis.  What that means is the attorney will be paid a percentage of any settlement or verdict amount that is ultimately obtained for the client(s).  The attorney will usually take a percentage fee of 33%, or it could be more or less, depending on the attorney, and the type of case involved.

Contingent fee agreements are good for people who do not have the means to pay an attorney anywhere from $150.00 – $350.00/hour for his or her services.  The ubiquity of the contingent fee arrangement means that personal injury and workers’ compensation injury victims will have access to justice.

In Massachusetts, all personal injury cases that are taken on a contingency fee basis must be reduced to a written fee agreement, and the attorney is required to give you a copy of the fee agreement after you and the attorney have respectively signed it.

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