Common Medical Tests Following Personal Injury Accidents

Many people that have been involved in a personal injury accident will find themselves needing medical treatment. They are dealing with pain and suffering and understandably need to see a doctor. Many times people after an accident must go to a hospital after an accident, and they may eventually need to see an orthopedic doctor, or other medical specialist. There they will likely, depending on how serious their injuries are, be administered various medical tests. Here are some of those tests:


X-rays are essentially radiation through electronic waves. These tests frequently are given after someone has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. They reveal different parts of the body through black and white images. They are commonly used to see if any bones are broken, or fractured. They also can be used to diagnose pneumonia and are used for mammograms. These tests are given not only to victims of personal injury accidents, but to all people experiencing medical distress.


MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. These tests use magnets, as well as radio waves and a computer in order to capture images of the body. MRIs are particularly useful for looking at the central nervous system as well as the soft tissue parts of the body.

They can be used to find various types of personal injuries including torn ligaments, as well as brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.


CT (computerized topography) scans uses computers and rotating x-rays to see inside the body. They can be helpful for allowing doctors to obtain detailed images inside someone’s body. These tests allow doctors to more effectively diagnose shoulder injuries, knee and ankle injuries. The patient lies down on a machine and are told not to move during the CT-scan.