Common Defenses Used By Insurance Companies On Personal Injury Cases

It is no secret that insurance companies hate to pay money out on claims. Even for deserving claimants which legitimatele suffered real personal injuries due to negligence, they do all they can to avoid paying money out to these deserving people. In order to justify these decisions, they use defenses to skirt their responsibility. Here are some common defenses used by insurance companies on personal injury cases.

They commonly argue their insured (the person they insure) is not legally responsible, or liable. For example, with car accident cases, they will argue that their insured did nothing wrong and that therefore, they don’t have to pay you money. I see this tactic used by many insurance companies, most notably Liberty Mutual, with even rear end car collisions. Or, for Massachusetts slip and fall accidents, they may argue that their insured took adequate care of the property where you fell and that therefore, you are not owed any money, no matter how serious your personal injuries are that were suffered.

Another common defense used by insurance companies is to claim there is no insurance coverage for the claim. They try this move often with dog bite attacks, and other Massachusetts personal injury cases. They will claim that there is an exclusion in their insured’s insurance policy which bars coverage.

So what can be done when these defenses are used? The best and most effective tool is to hire a personal injury attorney in Boston to file a lawsuit for you. Insurance companies hate not only parting with their money, but with having to pay money to pay for litigation. By suing them and bringing these cases in front of judges and juries is the best way to fight them and the silly defenses they use to avoid paying deserving claimants their fair compensation.