Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Slips and falls surprisingly account for roughly 1 million hospital visits each year in the United States.  These accidents can result in strains and sprains, broken bones, and even death.  Understanding the typical causes of these accidents can aid in preventing them in the future.  Here are some common causes of slip and fall accident cases in Massachusetts.

Common causes of slip and fall accidents

Slips And Falls On Snow And Ice

Because of our climate here in New England, slips and falls on snow and ice are quite common.  Generally, these cases are claims for negligence against a snow plow company, property owner, or other possible party.

The burden is on the injury victim to show that the party responsible for snow and ice removal where you fell failed to reasonably remove the snow, ice, or both. which led to your injury.  These cases are very fact specific and have become easier to win due to changes in recent years to Massachusetts snow and ice slip and fall law.

Slips And Falls In Supermarkets

Since these stores have so much changing merchandise, and such a high volume of daily customers, supermarket slips and falls are very common. They can arise from a leaking freezer or cooler, broken merchandise that has caused a slipping hazard, or ceiling leaks overhead.  Many stores have video cameras which can help establish negligence against a store that did not adequately safeguard against a slip and fall.

Slips And Falls At Work

Many workers compensation claims stem from slipping and falling on-the-job.  Many people at work are frequently walk on wet or slippery surfaces.  In fact, they may be forced to as their work station or area may always be wet or slippery.  For construction workers, they are constantly exposed to the risk of slips and falls.

If you’ve been injured from slipping and falling in Massachusetts, I encourage you to contact us for help. We only get paid if we win your slip and fall accident claim.