How Long Can You Collect Workers Compensation In Massachusetts?

For injured workers that are collecting Massachusetts workers compensation benefits, they understandably want to know how long they can expect to receive these benefits.

Each case is different, so what one injured employee may collect is different from what another injured employee can collect.  However, there are maximum benefits each worker may collect which is set by law.  Regardless of the type of injury suffered, the maximum benefits that are collectable are set by law in Massachusetts.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

For injured workers that are temporarily totally disabled, they may collect workers compensation weekly benefits equal to 60% of their average weekly wage.  Average weekly wage is determined by taking the total gross earnings of the injured worker for 52 weeks, and dividing that number by 52.  The maximum time an injured worker may collect these benefits is three years.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits 

For injured workers that are partially capable of working, they may collect temporary partial disability benefits.  The amount they may receive is set at 75% of their temporary total disability rate.  The maximum amount of time these benefits will be paid is five years.

Permanent And Total Disability 

These benefits are available to those injured workers that are permanently unable to work.  This benefit amount is based on 2/3 of the average weekly wage and is payable for as long as the injured employee cannot work.

Massachusetts Workers Compensation Lawyer

Regardless of the nature of your case, it is essential to have legal representation on your side.  The workers compensation insurance company paying, or denying you benefits, has their lawyers, and there is no good reason for you not to have representation as well.  Contact us today for your free consultation.