Citations And Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents 

Massachusetts drivers at some point during their lifetime will receive a speeding ticket or other motor vehicle infraction. Once you receive your citation you have twenty days to either pay the fine, or request a hearing in court before a judge.

If you pay the fine you are essentially admitting fault and foregoing your right to challenge the citation. If you do want to contest the citation, you must indicate that intention on the citation.  Then a hearing date will be set for you, as well as the police officer, to appear in court.

In court a judge will first hear from the police officer the basis for the citation. Then, you will have the opportunity to present your case and you have the right to cross-examine the police officer should you choose.  The judge will then decide you Responsible, or Not Responsible.

Sometimes people receive citations stemming from a motor vehicle accident.  If you experienced personal injuries from a car accident, but you were also cited, it may or may not be possible to successfully bring a bodily injury claim against the other driver’s insurance company.

For example, if you were cited for failing to stop at a red light, or for an improper lane change, or for making an illegal left turn, it may be hard to successfully bring a claim for pain and suffering.  That is because there is a presumption of fault when a citation is received.

However, if you were rear ended by another vehicle and you received a citation for Unlicensed Operation, you can still successfully bring a claim for compensation for personal injuries you suffered.  The reason is because the driver who negligently struck you cannot escape responsibility just because you did not have a proper license.  That is because of the fact that you not having a proper license did nothing to cause or even contribute to the accident.

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