Changing Workers Compensation Lawyers

Changing workers compensation lawyers

Like all relationships, the attorney/client relationship can sometimes sour.  When this happens, sometimes it makes sense for the client to move on and hire a different local workers compensation lawyer.

Here are some reasons the injured worker may be unhappy with his/her lawyer:

  • The lawyer does not adequately explain the process
  • The lawyer does not return phone calls
  • The lawyer is not fighting hard enough for the client
  • The lawyer and client do not get along

There are many other possible reasons which can cause the client to be unhappy. Regardless of the reason, the client, pursuant to Massachusetts law, can fire the workers comp lawyer at anytime, and for whatever reason.

When the lawyer is fired, the client does not pay any additional legal fees by switching lawyers. That is because Massachusetts workers compensation legal fees are capped by statute.

The fired lawyer is though allowed to file a lien to protect his/her legal fee.  This lien is filed at the Department of industrial Accidents.

At the time of settlement, the fired lawyer and new lawyer will come to an agreement as to the division of the legal fee, which is usually quickly worked out.

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