Car Accidents On New Year’s Eve 

Today is New Year’s Eve which is a day filled with reflection of the past year, and a look ahead to 2019.  Unfortunately this day is oftentimes one in which people drink to excess.  As you celebrate this special occasion with family and friends, please keep in mind the importance of celebrating responsibly.

It is no surprise that there is a spike in drinking and driving related car accidents during the holidays.  According to AAA, more pedestrians are killed on New Years Day than on any other day of the year.  As well, there is a higher incidence of car accidents given the high number of people on the roads, and the volume of alcohol consumed on this holiday.

Shockingly, there are 70% more alcohol and drug related crashes on New Year’s Day.  With many of these resulting on death, it is crucial to never ever drink and drive, regardless of the occassion.

Drinking too much can also lead to slip and fall accidents as well.  Additionally, falls due to snow and ice at this time of year are quite common and become more likely to occur when alcohol is involved.

This holiday, like all holidays, is best enjoyed safely.  Happy New Year.