Can I Handle My Personal Injury Case On My Own?

This is a question that many people that have been injured in an accident are curious to know. The answer really depends on the type of case involved. For very small car accident cases where there are no injuries sustained, and the only issue is property damage, then you likely don’t need a personal injury attorney. For all other cases, you should have a lawyer.

The reason is because insurance companies don’t take unrepresented claimants seriously. And why should they? They know you are likely not experienced with these claims, and don’t know how to litigate the case in court. If you want a fair settlement, you need a lawyer helping you with your case. Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators and you may not be.

Additionally, these claims are very complex. Legal issues such as liability must be established in order to win a case, and this can be very challenging with slip and fall cases and other premises liability cases. They very frequently require extensive legal knowledge and experience in order for the case to be successful. Lawyers are taught these skills in law school and home their skills through years of experience.

I always tell people, you need a lawyer for a legal issue just as much as you need a doctor for a medical issue. After all, would you perform surgery on yourself?

Whenever you have the misfortune of being injured in an accident due to negligence, hire a Boston personal injury lawyer that will make sure the job is done right.