Brockton Man Is Mauled By Pit Bull

The Boston Herald today reported on a vicious pit bull attack on a Brockton man.  Here is the full story:

The hound from hell that mauled a barefoot and shirtless Brockton man outside a Memorial Day weekend cookout has gone on the attack in the past at least once, according to officials.

Deuce, who bit 49-year-old Leslie Talis 30 times Sunday, is quarantined at Brockton Animal Control as dog officers investigate a May 2004 mauling. There may be more cases as well, said Supervisor of Animal Control Tom DeChellis. “We’re not sure if the person was sent to the hospital. We’re not sure if the owner was cited,” he said.

The pit bull’s owner, Gary Ellis, who lives three doors down from Talis, isn’t the original owner, said Talis’ daughter, Kim, who watched helplessly as the dog tore into her dad in front of their home.

The dog had its rabies shots, but the deep bites on her dad’s thighs and chest have kept him in the hospital for three days, she said. Ellis could face fines for having an unlicensed dog and violating the leash law, but will not be charged criminally, DeChellis said. Brockton’s police chief could also order the dog be muzzled, quarantined or euthanized, he said.

Brockton battled about 10 years ago to ban pit bulls after a high school girl was bitten, but there were too many legal pitfalls, said Brockton Mayor James E. Harrington, who was a city councilor at the time.

“It’s a public safety concern,” he said. “I don’t know why anyone would want to own one of these dogs.”

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