Boston Workers Compensation Attorney 

Oftentimes workers compensation insurance companies deny claims.  Injured workers rightfully become upset when they receive a workers compensation denial letter.  I am a Boston workers compensation attorney that helps people with their work injury cases.  I see that many, many valid and legitimate workers compensation claims are denied for unfair reasons.

boston workers compensation attorney

A claim can be denied for a variety of reasons.  The reasons may, or may not be, legitimate.  Regardless, if you experienced a personal injury at work you need a workers compensation lawyer on your side.  Here are some things you can do when your claim is denied:

Fight back and hire a workers compensation lawyer

The insurance company has their lawyers.  Do you have yours?  Hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney sends a message to the insurance company that you are serious about receiving the full cup of rights you are entitled to under Massachusetts law.

There is no reason not to have representation.  Being paid for your lost time from work, and having your medical bills paid is critical. Not having representation puts those rights in possible jeopardy. Plus, since the workers comp attorney only gets paid if he/she wins your case, the decision to hire counsel is an easy one.

Never sign anything sent to you by the insurance company

The insurance company may send you letters they need you to sign.  Signing insurance company paperwork can hurt your case and gives the insurance company an unnecessary advantage against you.

Insurance companies may send you documents to sign which seem harmless.  Unfortunately these documents can have seriously detrimental results for your case.  Don’t sign any of these documents without first calling our office.

Receive the medical treatment you need

Just because your claim was denied does not mean that should affect the accident-related medical treatment you receive. Be sure to stay on top of your medical appointments and make sure to stay out-of-work should your doctor ask you to.

If you are unable to work, be sure to get a note from your doctor that takes you out of work.  You don’t have to go to any doctors suggested by the insurance company.

However, you must attend the Independent Medical Exam (IME) if one is scheduled for you.

Boston Workers Compensation Attorney Christopher Earley Can Help You

The worst thing you can do is not fight a workers compensation denial.  Don’t let the insurance company try to take away your rights.  If you have a good case, the chances are strong you can win your case.

Oftentimes a lump sum can be reached which you can read about here.  Keep in mind that if your work accident was caused by a person or company other than your employer, then you may have a third-party claim to pursue.

The third-party case is a claim for negligence.  If you were hurt on the job, contact us us today for your free, no-obligation phone consultation to see if you have a case we can help you with.  Boston workers compensation attorney Christopher Earley help you with your Massachusetts workers compensation case.