Boston Tourist Accident Lawyer

Boston is a very popular destination for tourists.  Each year millions of tourists come to enjoy the many attractions Boston has to offer.  In fact, Boston has been labeled the third-most walkable city in the United States which further makes Boston more attractive to tourists.

With this large influx of people, personal injuries will invariably happen.  Nothing can put a damper on a nice vacation more than an injury-causing event.

I am a Boston tourist accident lawyer, and I know that tourist accidents happen regularly to innocent people.  Here are some common tourist accident cases that we typically see:

Boston Slip And Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

Anyone that has spent time in Boston knows that the sidewalks are commonly uneven, and this can present tripping and/or slipping hazards.  Slip and fall accidents are common for tourists for two reasons: They are unfamiliar with the sidewalks and streets of Boston, and they are typically distracted, which can cause them to fall.  These accidents happen not just on sidewalks, but also in buildings, supermarkets, and other public and private spaces they have never visited before.

Boston tourist accident lawyer

Boston Car Accidents

Tourists commonly use taxis, Uber or Lyft vehicles, duck boats, or perhaps they rented a car.  Boston streets are small, and very confusing for the uninitiated.  This means tourists can be especially vulnerable to becoming involved in a car accident.

Tourists can also be susceptible to pedestrian accidents.  These accidents can cause very serious injuries.  If you are back home and wondering how to proceed with a car accident claim in Boston, I invite you to call us for a free consultation.

Boston MBTA Accidents

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) transports millions of people each year.  Tourists commonly use the MBTA to get around town.  They may use an MBTA trolley or bus to travel around Boston.  Unfortunately, the MBTA has its fair share of accidents each year.  Tourists injured in these accidents may be confused on where to turn, and how to make a claim.  We can guide you through this process.

Boston Tourist Accident Lawyer

If you had the misfortune of being injured in Boston during your stay here, call Christopher Earley to learn more about your options.  We enjoy helping tourists and welcome the opportunity to help you with your personal injury accident case.