Boston Torn Meniscus Injury Lawyer

Boston torn meniscus injury lawyer

Meniscus tears are very serious injuries.  They are a common injury that can be caused by playing sports, skiing, and from many other types of activity.  They also frequently occur from personal injury accidents.  When a person suffers a torn meniscus due to negligence, they frequently want to know what their options are.  They want to know if they may file a claim an sue for their injuries.  As a Boston torn meniscus injury lawyer, I have seen this injury occur to many of my clients.  We have recently been

Each knee has two menisci.  A meniscus is a C-shaped pieces of cartilage that cushions the area between the shin bone (tibia) and thigh (femur) bone.  Mensicus tears frequently arise from a forceful rotating or twisting of the knee.  They sometimes are accompanied by other corresponding knee injuries such as a torn ACL or other structural injury to the knee.

Sometimes these injuries can heal conservatively.  Other times they require surgery.  The surgery to repair the torn meniscus is typically arthroscopic where a camera is inserted into the knee to see the tearing and repair it.  This is a quick procedure that does not entail a lengthy recovery process.

Other times, depending on the severity and if other parts of the knee are also injured, an orthopedic surgeon may need to surgically open the knee to repair the knee.  The recovery for this type of procedure could be many months.

Meniscal tears can happen frequently in car accidents.  Upon impact, if someone’s knee is forcefully pushed into the dashboard, that can be enough to cause this injury.

Also, they frequently happen with slips and falls.  If someone slips and forcefully rotates the knee, or slams it on the ground during the fall, that can be enough to tear a meniscus.

Many workers’ compensation claims are for meniscus tears.  Any worker, but especially those who work in very physical occupations can experience this type of on-the-job injury.  Construction workers frequently experience this injury, and must miss work as a result.