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Many businesses fail to adequately protects its customers from slipping and falling on their premises. In fact, OSHA recently gave 6,000 citations to businesses for not complying with fall protection standards.

Supermarkets are a common place for slips and falls.  If you suffered one of these accidents, it is important to take certain steps.  I am a Boston, MA supermarket slip and fall lawyer that can help you.

Our has a track records of handling slips and falls at Boston-area supermarkets including:

Stop & Shop

Whole Foods

Star Market

Market Basket

Trader Joe’s

Common Causes of Massachusetts Supermarket Slip And Fall Accidents

There are a number of causes of slips and falls in supermarkets. Here are some of them:

  • Spilled/ broken merchandise
  • Excessively waxy or soapy floor
  • Leaking coolers / refrigerators
  • Ceiling / roof leaks
  • Water tracked in from outside

Some of these cases are not worth pursuing because negligence cannot be established.  Negligence means failing to use reasonable care which results in harm to someone else.  The way to show negligence on the part of a supermarket in these cases depends on being able to establish one thing: notice.

If it can be shown that the store had notice of the substance you fell on, then you may have a claim. Notice can be established in one of three ways. One, that the store created the substance you fell on, and failed to correct it in a timely manner. Two, that the store knew about the substance, and failed to correct it in a timely manner. Third, that the store should have known about the substance through reasonable inspection and maintenance, but failed to do that.

Boston, MA supermarket slip and fall lawyer

Therefore, the success of your slip and fall case against a Massachusetts supermarket will depend largely on the element of notice, and whether, and how strong, that element can be established.

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