Boston Social Security Disability Lawyer

Becoming disabled from working can be devastating.  You are suffering from a disability and you can’t work. You suffered some type of serious personal injury, and you are receiving medical treatment.

Financially, you have no money coming in to pay the bills.  You may be entitled to social security disability benefits.

As Boston social security disability lawyers, we can help you file a claim to collect the benefits you are owed.  Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) provides those who are unable to work with compensation.

If the Social Security Administration has denied your claim for benefits, we can help you appeal the denial.

Frequently, people become injured at work.  They therefore may file a claim for workers compensation benefits.  However, assuming they qualify, they may also file a claim for SSDI benefits as well.  It is better to have a lawyer for disability. Our office can walk you through both of these oftentimes confusing areas of law.


Boston social security disability lawyer

What SSDI Benefits Can I Collect?

If it can be established that you are permanently or temporarily incapable of working due to injury, then you may qualify for social security disability benefits.  This is financial assistance that is collected from payroll taxes.  It is a social safety net designed to finanI ally assist those that are incapable of working.

By previously working, you have already paid toward these benefits that you are currently seeking.  Assuming you are disabled from working, you are only eligible for SSDI if you have enough previously earned work credits.

What Is the Social Security Disability Process?

If you are unable to work for at least 12 months due to disability, you can apply for Social Security Disability Income.  Once you apply your claim will then be processed and reviewed.

If your initial application is denied, you have up to 60 days to appeal that denial.  Failure to follow this strict deadline will result in you having to apply for benefits all over again.

Massachusetts SSDI Claim Approval Statistics 

The vast majority of SSDI claims are initially denied nationwide.  Each state has different claim acceptance rates.

For instance, Massachsetts, compared to other states, has a relatively decent approval rate:

  • Initial application – 39.5% approval rate


  • Reconsideration review – 21.2%


  • Appeal hearing – 61.3%

Do I Need A Lawyer For SSDI?

If your claim was denied, filing an appeal of your claim becomes necessary. That is when it really helps to have legal representation on your side to effectively and successfully handle your appeal.

Your attorney can make sure all necessary supporting medical document has been assembled. Your attorney can also make the necessary legal arguments to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to maximize your chances of getting your denial reversed.

How Much Does A Lawyer Charge For Social Security Disability?

Your attorney is only paid if you win your appeal.  Social security disability attorneys can only collect as a fee 25% of the past benefits you are awarded by the judge, or $6,000, whichever is lower. This is set in law by the Social Security Adminstrration.

If successful, your attorney is only paid for past benefits awarded to you, and not for benefits you will collect in the future.  If your attorney does not get you benefits, you owe him nothing.

A Boston Social Security Lawyer That Can Help You

Contact Attorney Christopher Earley today for your completely free, no-obligation consultation. We are here to aggressively fight for your social security benefits.

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