Boston Slip And Fall Accident FAQs

Slips and falls can happen in many different ways. Whether it was caused by snow and ice, spilled liquid, or some other factor was in involved, these accidents can cause personal injuries to unsuspecting people. In case you had one of these accidents, here are some Boston slip and fall accident FAQs.

Do I have a case?

It depends. If you, or your slip & fall attorney can show that a propery owner was negligent which led to your fall, and you sustained injuries from the fall, then you probably have a case.

How much is my case worth?

It depends on some different factors. Can liability be established? How much are the medical bills? Did you lose time from work? Are the injuries minor, were catastrophic injuries sustained?

What is negligence?

In the context of slip and fall accidents, negligence is when a property owner, or some other party responsible for a given property, fails to reasonably maintain it, causing injuries to someone else.

What is the statute of limitations?

For most slip and fall accident cases in Massachusetts, the statute of limitations is three years.

Will I have to go to court?

Possibly. Most cases do settle. If a case does not settle at the claims stage, then a lawsuit will need to be filed. However, even if a slip and fall claim is filed in court, the case can still settle and you may not have to go to court.

How do I find a slip and fall lawyer?

Asking family and friends for a referral is always a good idea. If that fails, read online reviews of lawyers that you are interested in hiring. Of course, we feel you should hire the Law Office of Christopher Earley to help you!