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Unfortunately slip and fall accidents occur all too frequently.  As a Boston, MA slip and fall lawyer I receive calls everyday from people injured in these accidents.  Here are things to do following a slip and fall accident.  Some common slip and fall scenarios that seem to happen frequently are:

Slips and Falls On Snow And Ice

Not long ago Massachusetts law on slips and falls on snow and ice was harsh.  That was because the injured victim, in order to have a valid case, would need to show the snow or ice was an “unnatural accumulation.”  This was a tough burden to meet which prevented many claims from going forward.  Thankfully, Massachusetts snow and ice law in 2011 underwent significant change.  Under the new law, Massachusetts snow and ice slip and fall victims need only show the property owner of the property where you fell acted unreasonably in failing to remove snow and ice.  This sea change in the law has greatly increased access to justice for snow and ice victims.

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Slips And Falls In Stores

Another common situation I see are slips and falls in retail stores and supermarkets.  Commonly there is a slip and fall fall due to a liquid or other foreign substance on the floor.  The injury victim with these cases must show the property owner had “notice” of the condition and failed to take action.  This can be a tough burden to satisfy.  For slips and falls in or around self-service areas, however, the law is a little kinder on injury victims.  With these cases, the victim needs to prove a store’s “mode of operation” created a dangerous and foreseeable hazard, that resulted in injury to the plaintiff.

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Slip and fall cases are tough in Massachusetts.  Thankfully, Massachusetts courts have recently relaxed the burdens for plaintiffs in certain cases.  This opens up the courthouse doors to slip and fall injury victims.  Contact us today if you or someone you know slipped and fell and needs a Boston, MA slip and fall lawyer.