Boston Repetitive Motion Injury Attorney

Boston repetitive motion injury attorney

Many people during the course of their work day must perform the same physical, repetitive tasks all day, every day.  Sometimes this can wear the body down and cause injury.  When this happens the injury can prevent one from being able to work and provide for one’s family.  If this happened to you, a Boston repetitive motion injury attorney is likely needed.

These injuries are one of the most common types of workers’ compensation claims in Massachusetts.  Oftentimes insurance companies deny these claims.  When that happens, you must be able to fight back by proving you sustained a repetitive injury at work, and that you are entitled to benefits.  The way to do that is to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Massachusetts.

Jobs That Cause Repetitive Motion Injuries

There are many, many jobs that can cause this injury.  Frequently it is workers that are exposed to hazardous work conditions that cause them to suffer this type of injury.

Many construction site jobs require heavy, repetitive physical labor.  This can slowly lead to repetitive motion injuries.  Also, office workers can develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repeat tasks they must perform at a desk all day long.

Factory workers and manufacturer workers too can be susceptible to this type of injury because they frequently stand or sit on an assembly line, exposing them to repetitive injury.

Types of Repetitive Injuries

Here are some common types of repetitive injuries that are commonly suffered:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is typically brought on by repetitive tasks at work and is pain and numbness in the hand caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist.


Tendons connect muscles to bones and when they become inflamed they can cause swelling and pain.


This is inflammation to the bursae which are fluid filled sacs that pad joints.  Repetitive motion can cause these sacs to ache from overuse.

Compensation Available For These Injuries

Injured workers may file for Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits cover lost wages, payment for medical bills, and payment for any loss of function caused by the repetitive motion injury.  As long as your doctor connects and relates the injury to your job, then you likely have a successful comp claim.

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