Boston Personal Injury Lawyer For A Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians sadly get hit by cars quite regularly in Boston. These accidents can cause personal injuries ranging the spectrum of soft tissue injuries (strains and sprains) to even wrongful death. If you got hit by a car while walking, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer for a pedestrian accident.

Keep in mind these cases are only successful if the pedestrian did not dart into traffic. If that is the case, there likely is no case to pursue. This frequently is the case when children get hit by cars.

Keep in mind that even if the accident did not occur in a crosswalk, there still may be a claim to pursue. As long as the driver had a reasonable opportunity to avoid hitting the pedestrian, then the driver of the car may be held liable.

The injured pedestrian, even if considered to be at fault, will still be entitled to no-fault PIP benefits up to $8000 which can cover medical bills as well as lost wages. A claim for pain and suffering can also be made if liability can be established, and the medical bills are at least $2000.

Local Pedestrian Accident Attorney 

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