Boston Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Boston parking lot accident lawyer

Parking lots can be deceivingly dangerous areas fraught with hazards.  Populated by large numbers of vehicles and pedestrians, collisions are frequent in parking lots.  There are multiple types of accidents that can occur in parking lots.

Slip and fall accidents are very common in parking lots.  Sometimes a property owner or snow removal contractor hired by the property owner fails to clear snow and ice from the parking lot.  Someone falls as a result and sustains serious injuries.  Or, the property owner may fail to address holes or other hazards in the parking lot and someone falls and is injured.

These slip and fall accident cases are examples of premises liability claims.  In Massachusetts propery owners are required by law to keep their properties reasonably safe and free of dangerous defects.  If they fail to do so they can be sued in court for negligence.

Other common accidents involve pedestrians.  These are common parking lot accidents because drivers are oftentimes distracted and not paying sufficient attention.  This can result in pedestrians being struck by negligently operated motor vehicles.

Even if the impact does not occur in a crosswalk the injured victim may still have a claim.  As long as the driver had an adequate opportunity to see the victim then a claim for personal injuries would likely be viable.

Car accidents are also common in parking lots.  With so many vehicles in oftentimes crowded parking lots means there will be motor vehicle collisions.  A common example is when vehicles are backing up and don’t see one another, resulting in a crash.  These collisions don’t frequently result in serious propery damage to the vehicles involved.  Insurance companies therefore are frequently skeptical that bodily injury result from these crashes.

Boston Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Far too many preventable accidents occur in parking lots. If you were the victim of one of these accidents I encourage you to contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for your free consultation.