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If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts, you probably have a lot of car accident questions about what to do.  You likely want to know who pays your medical bills. You may have ambulance and hospital bills that need to be paid. Co-pays may be adding up. You also may not be able to work and you are therefore losing wages.

Which Insurance Company Pays PIP Benefits?

The car insurance company for the car you were in at the time of the crash is the one that pays for your medical bills. Before they do, you need to complete a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) application.  As a Boston, Massachusetts car accident lawyer, my office can help you fill out this important document.

Boston, Massachusetts Car Accident lawyer

What Are PIP Benefits?

The car insurance company will send you the PIP application shortly after the accident. It is important that you fill it out as soon as possible. If you delay completing the application, it could affect your ability to receive PIP benefits.  Also, PIP benefits are not available if the accident was the result of intoxication, or if the accident was caused.

The PIP application will ask you for generic information (name, date of birth, address, date and time of the accident) and then you will be asked to describe the accident. Keep the car accident description vague.

Then you will be asked about your medical treatment and the injuries sustained. You will also be asked (in a supplemental form) if you have health insurance. You will need to have your health insurance card handy in order to provide your carrier’s name and your policy number.

Besides being available to drivers and passengers involved in car accidents, PIP benefits are also available if you were riding a bicycle or if you were a pedestrian hit by a car.

However, PIP is not available for motorcycle accidents, with one exception: they are available for pedestrians hit by motorcycles.

If you are claiming lost wages you will need to have your employer fill out a Loss Verification Form (this form comes with the PIP application). You will need to complete this form yourself if you are self-employed.

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