Boston Knee Injury Attorney

Boston knee injury attorney

Injuries to the knee make up a very large portion of personal injury and workers’ compensation claims in Massachusetts.  Like the shoulder, the knee is quite susceptible to injury.  It is a delicate symphony of body parts that can become easily disrupted.  Sometimes a knee injury can be brought on by one specific event, or through repetitive stress to the knee, or simply by degenerative changes brought on by age.

Knee Injury Information

Mensiscus injuries – Each knee has two menisci which are C-shaped and act as a layer of protection between the shin bone and thigh bone.  A torn mensicus may or may not need surgery to be repaired.  This is typically done through arthroscopic surgery which is a relatively painless procedure.

ACL Tears – Tears of the anterior cruciate ligament are very common injuries that happen not only from personal injury accidents, but also from sports such as basketball and football.  The ACL runs diagonally down the knee and can be sprain or torn with even the slightest awkward movement.

Knee fractures – The knee bone is called the patella and this bone can be injured from a high impact such as a motor vehicle accident, or slip and fall. Sometimes this injury requires surgery but usually can heal on its own.

Dislocations – The patella can become dislocated, causing extreme pain and discomfort.  This is a very common knee injury that can be brought on by countless types of trauma to the knee.

Bursitis – Bursae are small sacs of fluid which enable the tendons and ligaments of the knee to effectively and comfortably work together. They can become inflamed and cause serious pain from the swelling.

Knee injuries can occur from some of the following types of personal injury accidents:

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