Boston Hit And Run Accident Lawyer

It is alarming just how often hit and runs occur in Boston.  It is hard to believe someone would negligently cause an accident that injures someone, and then flee the scene.  As a Boston hit and run accident lawyer, I see this happen all the time.  Here is some information about these types of Massachusetts car accident claims.

Uninsured Motorist Claims

If the driver strikes you as a pedestrian, or in a car crash, and flees the scene, you may not be out of luck.  If the driver cannot be identified, then you have an an uninsured motorist claim you may pursue.  This claim would be through your own car insurance policy, or through the policy of someone in your household.

The car insurance company will investigate the accident and verify the at-fault driver truly cannot be identified. Please note in these situations you cannot file a lawsuit against the insurance company if the claim does not settle. What you can do though is demand arbitration which is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Available Compensation For Hit And Run Accident Victims In Boston

These accidents can bring about a ton of losses for the victim.  In this situation you can file a claim to have all of your medical bills paid.  You also can file a claim to have your lost wages paid as well.  Please note a maximum combined amount of $8000 is available for medical bill and lost wage payments through  PIP (Personal Injury Protection) under the insurance policy.

The victim can also collect money for pain and suffering. This is a claim for all physical pain and mental trauma brought on by the hit and run accident.  These damages are intended to financially make the victim whole.  These damages are not taxed on either the state or federal level.  Depending on the severity of injuries, you can collect up to the maximum of the uninsured policy amount from the policy you are filing against.

Boston Hit And Run Accident Attorney Can Help

These accidents can be extremely stressful and painful for the victim.  They can also present complicated and tricky insurance law questions.  If you need a Boston hit and run accident lawyer, contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for your free consultation.