Boston Has Worst Traffic in The Country

Everyone who commutes to Boston each day knows just how bad the traffic is. It is so bad that Boston traffic has been ranked the worst in the country according to This data shows that Massachusetts motorists are spending inordinate amount of time in their cars due to this terrible traffic.

This means there is greater likelihood for car accidents since people are spending so much time in their cars. Crashes can result in personal injuries, including back and neck injuries, head and brain injuries, fractures, and even catastrophic injuries including in some situations.

These crashes can be caused by factors such as fatigue, distracted driving, and other factors that are frequently brought on and made worse by daily traffic problems.

There hopefully will soon be a solution to this intractable problem that not only causes people to lose time and be less productive, but also exposes them to greater risk of injury on the roads. With the recent  smartphone bans that took effect, coupled with the implementation of real and creative solutions to our traffic problem, means Massachusetts residents will be safer on the roads.

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