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Many people who have been involved in an accident unfortunately suffer injuries to their face.  Sometimes the injury is insignificant and is only temporary.  Other times the injury victim is not so lucky and ends up with a permanent, lasting facial injury.  These unlucky people are left with a lifetime reminder of the accident.  This can greatly lower their self-confidence.  I am a Boston facial injury that can help you.

Types of Facial Injuries

There are many different types of these injuries.  They run the gamut of minor to catastrophic injury.  Here are some typical examples we see at our law office:

Broken bones

Broken noses (nasal fractures) are the most common.  Other types of broken bones in the face can can be broken jaws (mandible fracture), and breaks to the orbital bones (eye sockets).  These broken bone injuries usually heal without complication.


These are really tough on an accident victim because they are a constant, daily reminder of the accident they were involved in.  They are typically categorized by doctors as keloid, hypertrophic, or atrophic scars.  The settlements for facial scarring cases really depend on the severity, size, and where on the face the scar is located.  Generally, personal injury claims for scarring to the face result in sizable financial compensation.

Burns and Disfigurement

Sometimes injuries to the face are catastrophic.  These types of facial injuries can be caused by burns due to fire, or chemical exposure.  These injuries frequently require surgery such as skin grafting, or other corrective surgery to address the injury.  Burns are typically classified as first degree, second degree, or third degree.

Accidents That Can Injure The Face

Just about any type of accident can injure the face.  In the world of personal injury law, here are some common accidents that produce this injury:

Motor vehicle accidents – One can easily slam their face into the steering wheel or dashboard in a crash.  Or, an airbag too can cause injury to the face.

Slips and falls – Many people suffer facial injuries when they slip and fall, or trip and fall and strike their face on the ground.  This usually results in bruising, a black eye, or broken bones.

Dog bites and attacks – These accidents usually leave scarring on the victim.

Accidents at work – Workers can get injured in many different ways.  Frequently construction workers are at serious risk of facial injuries happening in a variety of ways.

Compensation For Face Injuries 

Financial compensation is given to a facial injury victim by way of a settlement.  The settlement is paid by the insurance company that insures the person or company that injured you.

Factors that influence a settlement are the amount of medical bills, amount of any lost wages, the location of the facial injury, how long it takes to heal, whether or not future medical treatment is needed, and other considerations come into play when determining a settlement.  Basically, the more severe the facial injury, the higher the settlement.

Attorney For Facial Injuries In Boston 

If you sustained facial injuries from an accident you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call the Boston facial injury lawyers at the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for a completely free case review.