Boston Concussion Injury Lawyer 

Boston concussion injury lawyer

Just the thought of sustaining an injury to the brain can be scary.  These injuries can have serious impacts on one’s life.  Brain injuries range from mild to severe.  A concussion is a type of brain injury.  Concussions can happen from a variety of causes, and they don’t just happen to athletes, such as football players. They also happen to people that have been negligently inured in an accident that was not their fault.  Many people consider taking legal action when they have sustained a concussion from an accident.

Basically, a concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain.  Cognitive functioning is temporarily impacted.  Symptoms include headaches, problems focussing, memory, and balance.  Most symptoms resolve in a few days, weeks, and sometimes months.

Some concussions are accompanied by a loss of consciousness, but most are not.  Many people who experience a concussion are vulnerable to the occurrence of additional concussions.

Accidents That Can Cause A Concussion 

Many motor vehicle accidents cause concussions.  Frequently, one’s head can violently turn or whip in a car accident.  As well, slips and falls, and trips and falls frequently involve the head striking the ground or other object. Basically, a concussion is possible whenever there is a blow to the head, or violent shaking of the head.  Other types of personal injury accidents that can cause a concussion include:

Local Concussion Injury Attorney

If you feel you may have a concussion, seek medical attention right away.  As well, if your concussion was due to someone’s negligence, contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for legal help.  We would be pleased to assist you.