Boston Car Accident Attorney Case Expenses

If you have a car accident and hire an attorney, he will only get paid if the case settles. This is called a contingency fee.  Also, he will advance all case expenses.  If the case ends up settling, the attorney will take his fee from the settlement, as well as any costs he incurred during the case.

Some of those expenses are the cost of obtaining medical records and medical bills.  This is usually a minimal expense, assuming the records are not very long.

If a lawsuit needs to be filed, then the attorney will pay that expense.  The filing fee for District Court is around $200 while the filing fee for Superior Court is around $300.

Next, the lawsuit must be served on the parties you have sued.  Your car accident attorney will pay the sheriff’s office a relatively small fee for service of process.

Depositions are another cost when a case is in litigation.  The cost of a deposition can be anywhere from between $200 – $800.

If your attorney needs to hire any experts to testify at trial such as doctors an accident reconstructionist, the fees can be in the thousands.

Attorneys advance costs not only for car crash claims, but also workers comp, slip and fall, motorcycle accidents, and all other personal injury accident cases.

Boston Car Accident Attorney

If you have a car accident claim and need to hire a personal injury attorney, the attorney will advance the costs during the case.  This way, you have access to justice without needing to worry about having money to advance the case forward. Call the Law Office of Christopher Earley today if you need legal representation for your case.