Boston Broken Rib Injury Lawyer

Boston broken rib injury lawyer

A broken rib can be one of the most painful injuries someone can experience.  Simple, daily things such as sneezing and coughing can bring on immense pain to someone that has fractured a rib.  As a Boston broken rib injury lawyer, I have represented many people with this painful, nagging injury.

Many times broken bones can be surgically repaired.  Unfortunately, there is no surgery that can repair a broken rib.  Rather, what one must do is simply wait for the rib bone to heal.  The pain and agony usually lasts months.

There are 24 ribs in the human body.  Ribs protect organs such as the lungs, heart, and spleen. Each rib is numbered.  Ribs 1-7 are considered “true” ribs because they connect from the sternum to the spine.  Ribs 8-10 are “false” because they don’t connect directly.  Ribs 10-12 are much shorter and are known as “floating ribs.”

Accidents That Can Cause Broken Ribs

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