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Through the years of representing Massachusetts personal injury victims, I have represented hundreds of people that have sustained injuries to their back.  Sometimes back injuries are minor and resolve within a short time, and sometimes they are life-changing.  Regardless of how your back injury occurred, if you need a Boston back injury lawyer, we can help you.

Common Back Injuries

The back is comprised of three major sections: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar.  Many times  these parts of the back can be strained or sprained.  A back strain is an injury to a tendon in the back.  A back sprain is when a back ligament stretches or tears.  Sometimes back injuries are more serious such as herniated discs.  Fractures to the back can also result, such as burst fractures, that are generally caused when strong force is applied to the spine, causing part of it to break.

Treatment For Back Injuries

Treatment for strains and sprains generally involves resting the back.  As well, chiropractic treatment or physical therapy may be necessary.  Sometimes injections are used for back injuries.  Other times, for very serious injuries, surgery may be necessary.  A disc fusion is a common back surgery when other conservative measures have failed.

Causes of Back Injuries

Back injuries can be caused by lifting heavy things,  falling, being traumatized in an accident.  In the context of personal injury accidents, here are some common accident types that can cause back injuries:

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