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How Much Do Boston Auto Accident Lawyers Charge?

How Much Do Boston Auto Accident Lawyers Charge?
Nearly all Boston auto accident lawyers accept motor vehicle accident cases on a contingency fee basis.  What that means is that your attorney will take 33 1/3% (or possibly more if your case goes into suit) of any settlement or judgment amount as his/her legal fee at the conclusion of the case.
If your attorney advances any costs in prosecuting your claim, you are ultimately responsible for any such costs, if there is a settlement.  What that means is your attorney collects the agreed-upon contingent fee, plus expenses advanced into the case by your Boston auto accident lawyers.  If there is no settlement, you don’t owe your attorney anything.
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The Contingency Fee Explained

The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct requires that all contingent fee agreement must be in writing.  You and your attorney must both sign this agreement.  The agreement is essentially a contract for services to be performed.  Nearly all car accident and personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.
The contingent fee agreement is what begins the attorney/client relationship.  If your attorney does not provide you with a copy of the contingent fee agreement, ask him/her for a copy of same.

The Fee Can Be Negotiated

Like all contracts, terms can be negotiated.  Some personal injury and car accident lawyers will reduce their contingent fee.  It really depends on the lawyer, work involved, type of case, and case value.  Please note Boston workers compensation attorney fees are set by statute.
Either you or your attorney can get out of the agreement at anytime, as is the case for all contracts.  The reasoning behind this is that contracts are voluntary agreements and no party should be obligated to remain under contract if they don’t want to.

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