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How Are Massachusetts Injury Lawyers Paid?

How Are Massachusetts Injury Lawyers Paid?
If you have been injured in a Massachusetts personal injury, workers compensation, slip and fall, or car crash accident, you don’t need any money to hire a lawyer.  Boston personal injury and Boston workers compensation lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.  That means the lawyer only gets paid if you get paid.
how are Massachusetts injury lawyers paid
Here is how it works:

Boston Personal Injury Lawyers Fees

Massachusetts personal injury lawyers only get paid if a case settles or wins in court.  This is called a contingency fee.  If there is no recovery, then you don’t owe anything.  This system allows for all accident victims to have representation, regardless of ability to pay.  Most lawyers charge a contingency fee of 33 1/3% of the gross settlement.

Boston Workers Compensation Lawyers Fees

With these cases, Boston workers compensation lawyers are paid a fee set by statute.  They receive a set fee that is set by statute. In the event of a lump sum settlement, will receive a percentage of the settlement.  With a lump sum settlement, workers compensation lawyers collect either 15% of 20% of the total benefits collected.  Lump sum settlements have to be approved by a judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents.

Benefits of The Contingency Fee

With the contingency fee, the client takes on no financial risk at all.  It is the lawyer that takes on the risk.  That is because the lawyer advances out of his/her own pocket the expenses to work the case up.  If there is no settlement, the lawyer loses the expenses advanced.  In that case the client does not owe the lawyer anything.  This system allows for people to find representation to even the playing field with insurance companies and their lawyers.
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