Bicyclist Struck And Killed Today In Fenway Area

Tragically a 69-year old woman was killed while bicycling Friday at around 1:30 PM when she was struck by a cement truck.  This occurred at the corner of Park Drive and Brookline Avenue.  Apparently the truck was branded with Boston Sand & Gravel Co., and was being driven by a 67-year old man from Salem.  The bicycle was completely crushed from the impact.

The driver was interviewed by investigators and stated he was on Brookline Avenue and stopped at a light.  When he proceeded forward is when the impact occurred.  The crash remains under investigation.

The Boston Cyclists Union after the crash pointed out this has always been an unnecessarily dangerous intersection for cyclists, and that it should have properly designated bike lanes.  The Union also pointed out in the last seven years 12 of 18 cyclist fatalities in Cambridge and Boston have been caused by trucks.

This is a stark reminder for all motor vehicle operators to always, especially in a congested city like Boston, be extra vigilant when driving. There are thousands of cyclists in Boston and keeping them safe from the negligence of others is crucial.