How To Avoid A Pedestrian Accident 

How to avoid a pedestrian accident

Boston has been called America’s Most Walkable City.  It truly is a great city to enjoy on foot, with all the rich history and culture Boston has to offer.  But pedestrians all too often are struck by negligently operated motor vehicles.  These accidents can result in injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises, to in some cases even death.  It is important for pedestrians to use an abundance of caution to avoid getting hit by cars, and here are some practical ways to do so.

Use Crosswalks Whenever Possible 

Crosswalks are designed to keep pedestrians safe.  Use them whenever possible.  Be alert though for drivers trying to drive around the car that stops for you at a crosswalk.  Far too many pedestrian accidents occur in crosswalks.

Never Assume Anything

Too often pedestrians assume that drivers see them, or will stop for them.  Never assume that.  Always presume the driver does not see you and will not stop, and operate accordingly.  It is always best to be defensively-minded when walking on busy streets.

Avoid Distracted Walking

Distracted walking is only becoming more common.  Too often pedestrians are crossing streets and staring down at their phones. This is a recipe for disaster.  Never cross a street when looking down at, or talking on, your phone.  Always put the phone down when crossing the street.

Never Dart Into A Street

Although this seems obvious, many people do this.  Children especially are likely to do this. If someone is injured from darting into traffic and getting hit, if they file a claim, that claim will be denied since the motor vehicle operator had chance to avoid striking the pedestrian.