Advice For Handling Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim

If you are representing yourself in connection with your Massachusetts personal injury claim, here is a great bit of advice provided by

"When you are first contacted, avoid volunteering information about the medical aspects of your case or statements that suggest you were at fault. Since you are not a medical expert, and may not explain things accurately, it is advisable for them to get information about your injuries and prognosis directly from the treating doctors or hospitals (or from an attorney if you have retained one). You will need to sign a release so the insurance company can legally obtain that information.

A personal injury attorney will know the difference between a serious issue and a minor one, and how the types of injuries and treatment impact the value of the case. Soft-tissue damage (i.e., sprained neck or ankle or back), for instance, may be looked upon by insurance companies as not very significant and yet can have a devastating impact on your life by causing ongoing pain and debility and limiting your normal activities.

You will need to know what parts of the policy to go after, and what to say to the insurance adjuster so you can get the best settlement. If you are handling the matter on your own, be aware that there may be a separate part of an insurance policy for medical pay that could provide you with some immediate cash for out of pocket expenses before a final settlement is reached."