Can I Handle My Accident Case On My Own?

Many people decide to handle their injury claim on their own. There may be many different reasons as to why someone in a given situation chooses not to hire an attorney. It may be because of the cost of hiring an attorney, or it could be due to the fact that the individual does not trust attorneys, etc. One does not necessarily have to hire an attorney for an accident case. Actually, for some type of accident cases, you definitely do not need an attorney’s assistance. For example, if you were involved in a car accident and you were not injured, but your car was damaged, that would be a property damage claim.

Property damage claims do not require a car accident attorney’s involvement. These are simple disputes between the individual and the relevant insurance company, which are generally worked out without much difficulty. Similarly, if you did have a car accident and you sustained extremely minor injuries that did not require any type of medical treatment to address, then you, by all means, can handle your injury case on your own.

However, for all other types of accident cases, it just makes good sense to hire an attorney. Additionally, the attorney only gets paid if he or she is able to successfully settle your case. Studies show that even after the attorney is paid his or her contingency fee, claimants generally recover more than they would have had they handled the case on their own. An attorney’s assistance can be quite helpful in that the insurance companies only pay fair settlements when an attorney is involved. The reason for that is that the insurance company understands that the attorney can successfully file a lawsuit and, if necessary, try the case in court should the case not resolve. That places pressure on the insurance company and the insurance adjuster who signs the case to handle the case in a fair and reasonable manner. That, in turn, will result for you in a fair settlement.

For all other types of accident cases such as premises liability cases, bicycle accidents, or any other type of accident, it definitely pays to have an attorney’s assistance on the case. Besides resulting in a higher net settlement to you, the attorney can provide you with peace of mind. The last thing you want to do after an accident is further worry about making mistakes with your claim. Having an attorney in your corner ensures that you can sleep at night and not worry about stepping into any potential potholes that may awake you during the claim process.

In conclusion, it almost always makes sense to have an attorney on your side when you’ve been involved in any type of personal injury accident. If you or anyone you know needs the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts, call the Law Office of Christopher Earley today at 617-338-7400 to get started with your free consultation.